Happy /njuːd/ year

When you have a sexy vixen at hand, you never know what could happen every time you leave her alone…

A few months back, she was alone away for a couple of days, waiting for me to reach her for the weekend and eager to try the new gimbal. The result was a set of photos that landed on my smartphone during a meeting. I liked them quite a lot (and she liked my spur-of-the-moment comment) and decided to put one as my new smartphone wallpaper. After a few weeks, I still like the effect each time I unlock it…

…And I’m always curious what will be the next surprise.

The only thing we can’t agree upon is if it’s better her original color version or the B/W one I did for the wallpaper.


7 responses to “Happy /njuːd/ year”

  1. Filimages Avatar

    Difficult to choose, indeed.
    I like both versions.
    Happy New Year !

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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      Yeah, I like the color one for it warmth and the BW one because it enhance the curves.
      To be honest, I initially did the BW to solve the issue of matching all apps icon colors on the smartphone 😛

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      1. David Mei Avatar
        David Mei

        I agree with your assessment. I like the glow of the color. And accentuated curves.

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  2. Michael Avatar

    Perhaps you should try this in a few more angles so I can properly assess ☺️I like to one on the right…it feels warmer and more inviting…and you look wonderfully sexy 💫


  3. El Avatar

    I still prefer the colored one 😝

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  4. PurpleSole Avatar

    Colour, that pose is so sexy

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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      I can only agree on the second part! 😉

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