Clamp tight and have a boob day

She does not value her boobs among her favorite assets. But I have to say I disagree because their sensitivity and how their reach to my teasing always make me love to play with them.


2 responses to “Clamp tight and have a boob day”

  1. Molly Avatar

    Yay for joining in with Boobday. I hope you enjoy the experience and continue to join in.

    This is SO intensely sexy to me. I think it is the angle of the shot and being made to feel like I am laying beneath looking up at this amazing vision


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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      For sure, it was fun to participate because this kind of experience allows seeing photos in a news light and with a new meaning. We hope to have something as interesting as this to participate again.

      Yes, it’s quite a good POV photo, and I like the result a lot. Because we have a lot of similar ones, but most are blurry since I was too much concentrated on other activities and less on taking a good shot! ;-P

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