“The voice of the spice is in my ears

Use everything. Mouth and hand, yes, nails and teeth, flutter of eyelash against his skin, that special look in your eye.

Give and take back, teasing.”

[The Mistress of Spice]


7 responses to ““The voice of the spice is in my ears”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    As I promised…here I am again.
    Well, I like this photoset. I like it a lot, for some different reasons.
    First, I like the quality of the picutres. The light, most of all. And I like the construction of the photos. Actually, they are of two kinds: 4 POV – point of view of that lucky man 🙂 and one is an actual portrait of your bottom.
    Let’s start from this one: it really looks like a professional shot. I love how the light plays on your curves. This picture it is both sensual and relaxing. It makes me thing of the after-sex time…enjoing the moment after the pleasure.
    Let’s go to the other four. I have common comments (sorry for the alliteration) for them. I like how you dedicate to his cock. You look like a japanese geisha, taking care of it with your kisses and caresses. I like a lot the one in which you look at him. Eye contact in that moments is always….well….it is something. 🙂

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    1. Elle Avatar

      Hi! Sorry for my late reply, but the last months my work life was on a infinity roller coaster!
      “All is gone for the best”, we say here, and now I have the work that I love…forever!
      Anyway, back to your comment, I don’t remember if the last photo was an “after sex” but I definitely agree with you about the light.
      As for the other pictures, I can say that in past years and past experiences I have always been accustomed to taking care of my man’s pleasure as a kind of Geisha … even to the point of worshiping his cock as in a state of ecstasy. I do not know how to explain it, but I love rub my muzzle on his cock, smell it, kiss it and lick it, stroking it, stretching it, sucking it, let him slap me with his cock, fall asleep near it after drinking his nectar…ok, well, I think is clear now! 😅

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      1. jeormormont Avatar

        Well, I guess you couldn’t have explained it better 🙂

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  2. mastrobaphomet Avatar

    in questo post, due cose mi colpiscono principalmente: l’ultima foto, un bacio dolce con le guance rosse, che può voler dire diverse cose: eccitazione, ma anche emozione. Bella. E la seconda foto, quella centrale del trittico “piccolo”, china su di lui, quasi a prendertene cura. Molto bella, davvero. “Stimolante”, indubbiamente, ma anche dolce.


    1. Elle Avatar

      Quando ci si prende cura di qualcuno, anche e soprattutto in ambito sessuale, bisogna farlo con passione ed amore. Usare la bocca per dar piacere al mio uomo è prima di tutto qualcosa che io apprezzo e di conseguenza mi viene naturale arrivare al punto di “coccolarlo”.
      Però sulla preferenza delle foto non sono completamente d’accordo… 🙂

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      1. mastrobaphomet Avatar

        no? allora sono curioso di sapere a quale (quali) foto vadano le tue preferenze!


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