My blind godness of love

In the classic art, the blinded goddess was Fortuna and was represented with a cornucopia overflowing with goods. My blind goddess is the Love one, and her gifts are trust and her body. I adore to admire her, and she’s also my muse, that I like to capture.

So, a bit of art for the artwork that I’m never tired to look…


2 responses to “My blind godness of love”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    Can I say it is quite a shame you used those “special effects”?
    I (personal opinion) rather prefer “clean” pictures (color or b/w). 🙂


  2. Emmevolution Avatar

    I agree with you in general. Unfortunately, this set was focused on portraits, and this seemed a more elegant solution to a trivial blur. 😉

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