“It’s Me, Mario”

From almost a year I’m working in a toys store, and last saturday my boss decided to start the “celebrations” for Carnival asking us to pick a carnival costume and wear it all the day.

Since I consider myself a proud nerd, I decided to take the Super Mario dress and…

Obviously I wasn’t working in the store in this way! 😛

I must also say that I enjoyed really much that day…It was a long time since I dressed for carnival.

By the way , Happy Carnival! 😀

6 responses to ““It’s Me, Mario””

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    Nice set! I have to say I love your long hair. Seems like you have been growing it for a long time! 🙂
    I see you also changed something in your look, if I can say it: a small and well-mantained bush under your belly, instead of your bare skin as in the las pictures you uploaded long ago!
    And, I have a question: looking at the pictures, it seems you weren’t wearing underwear under the costume. Did you stay like this also in the toy store? 🙂


    1. Elle Avatar

      Thank you, though I’m always in trouble when I take a picture of myself …!
      Well, I always had long long long hair! 😀 However you’re right, I don’t see an hairstylist from almost an year…or maybe more! ^-^” I’m a little bit obsessed by my long straight hair!
      Something has changed, right where you dropped your eyes ( even if no one ever notices that I lost 7 kg ;( )…!
      I started keeping my “mons pubis” always cared but more “nature” with the pulsed light . Actually, my esthetician has advised me not to shave the whole area with pulsed light in order to not regret my decision in the future.
      Finally, yes, I was without panties under the costume in the photos … but unfortunately I had to worn everything to work, also the uniform…never again! 😀


      1. jeormormont Avatar

        why do you say you’re in trouble when taking pictures of yourself? 🙂 you should not, absolutely! 🙂
        It is not hard to believe you’re “obsessed” with your hair, they’re really long and beautiful. I’m sorry, I missed to catch that you lost some weight (7 kilos! amazing! diet? sport? what’s your secret?), but something else caught my attention… 😛 I beg your pardon, m’lady!
        I was sure you were without panties for the photo set, it is quite clear… 🙂
        I was just wandering if you were without panties also at work, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem so 🙂 what a shame!


  2. jeormormont Avatar

    Yes, I do appreciate it, since it is, let’s say, “well-maintained” 😉 Even if, to tell the truth, I prefer clear shaved ones. But one shlould try different tastes…and different styles! Uhm, I hope I will have the chance to have a better (closer!) glance at it in the future photo shots 😛 😛
    And, what about your hair? why do you say it’s not so beautiful? it’s long, straght, dark.. well, well, nothing more to say.
    7 lost and other 7 on the target? are you willing to disappear!? 😀 I’m joking, some sport it’s always a good thing. And, finally: it would definitely be veeeeery funny to see your boss face if she’d notice you’re not wearing panties when you bend down! I would pay to see her face! 😀


  3. Life of Elliott... Avatar

    Hmm… somehow this is not how I remember ‘Mario’. I do love how your costume looks on you.

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