Memory lane

While replying to a comment about beginnings, I started reflecting that it’s a Monday of October.

When El and I started going out, we avoided a long list of reasons to use terms like “date,” “us,” and so on. It was started in a glim without any rational thought, and we were afraid to overthink about it would end the fun. After a few mounts, we were to the point of closing when an irrational bunch of events on a Monday of October changed everything. We are now (usually) quite more rational, but I don’t regret anything of how it started.

We were young, we were reckless, arrogant, silly, headstrong — and we were right! I regret nothing.

Abbie Hoffman – Anti-Disciplinary Protest

2 responses to “Memory lane”

  1. mastrobaphomet Avatar

    Me la ricordo questa! una delle prime, già 🙂

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