Something blue

Since the stairs got so much attention, here a little sneak peek from the room in Venice.

I always loved her taste for lingerie, but I have to admit that, along with a bit more self-confidence, she got more sexy and cheeky.

I can’t choose if I like more to have the surprize and discover her selection while unwrapping my gift, or if I prefer to be the one deciding what she has to wear.

6 responses to “Something blue”

  1. 365dniwobiektywielg Avatar

    Beauty that excites me

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  2. PurpleSole Avatar

    I have to agree, great taste in lingerie

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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      Indeed 😉

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  3. Life of Elliott... Avatar

    I love your Venice photos, so many just post old buildings, guys in stripped shirts with red kerchiefs around their necks and boats.

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    1. El Avatar

      Other photos of Venice are yet to come 😉

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