You make me feel so hard

Quick back and forth we had yesterday while I was still at work.

El: Bath time!

Em: How much I wish to be there to squeeze those tits and put my hand in the foam to see if there is extra moisture than the bath.

Em: This way it’s even more convenient to check your wetness or maybe plug your ass and fuck your pussy while holding your head underwater.

El: Did I convince you to come back home fast?

[ To answer, I sent her the visual proof of how big was the effect. 😉 😛 ]

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5 responses to “You make me feel so hard”

  1. David Mei Avatar
    David Mei

    My Kitten occasionally teases me like that. Followed by “are you home yet?”

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  2. 365dniwobiektywielg Avatar

    I would like to caress such a moist shell

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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      The touch is as good as the look, so smooth and silky. I feel quite lucky being the only one that can testify that.

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  3. People come, people go, nothing ever softens – According To 'EM Avatar

    […] day after the bath, the situation was flipped: I was working from home while El had an extra shift. When she arrived […]


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