Humbly thanking

When I started talking to Em about the desire to create a blog with the photos he shot, I would never have thought of achieving these results. We always talk about small numbers, but for me/us it’s still a beautiful goal. It all started a little for fun, or, maybe better to say, that bit of exhibitionism that never hurts. We like to give voice to those photos first of all for ourselves, to see the feelings and thoughts they cause. In recent months the blog has grown epically, to the point of having the honor of being mentioned in this post by Jupiter’s Lair. It is a duty to thank, both for being mentioned and for the publicity that has made us! Also, thank you all who leave a thought, it is nice to be able to discuss and share experiences.


When we started the blog, we did it “for us,” as a way to avoid leaving the photos in the closet, give them “their own life“, and show one another how we see them and which ideas they bring to our mind.
Few people passed by, giving their appreciations and sometimes leaving a comment. The other day jupitergrant cited us, and we reflected on the fact that there are not only us around here helping to give this second life to our pics&toughts.
Hence, I think it’s right to humbly thank her and all the readers that crossed this blog in these years.


It’s always better to have and extra edge… in some cases, few extra curves. 😉

10 responses to “Humbly thanking”

  1. Filimages Avatar

    Very nice curves, indeed.

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    1. Elle Avatar

      Thank you! 😊

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    2. Emmevolution Avatar

      It’s my favorite panorama. 😉

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    1. Elle Avatar

      The growth of the blog? Yes, indeed! 😋

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  2. jupitergrant Avatar

    I’m absolutely delighted that you saw a rise in visits to your blog after my mention. Your photos are totally stunning, and really beautifully erotic. Thank you for your lovely words, and for all these gorgeous images!! 💋💋

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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      It’s not about the visits by themselves, but the enhanced interactions it created and the positive influence on the stimuli coming from those. The words were genuine as the pics, and we’re happy you appreciated them.

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  3. David Mei Avatar
    David Mei

    Curvaceously delicious and a beautiful dairy of submission

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    1. Emmevolution Avatar

      She’s not always so obedient and sometimes requires some “reminder”. 😉
      But I can only agree with you that this point of view highlights one of her best assets. 😛

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