Motivational Techniques

Punctuality is definitively not among my traits and El, which has a one-hour-before kind of timeliness, is having some issues trying to find a way to merge our views. Yesterday…

Em: I thought that if I can get there ahead, we can also go kinky shopping. 😉
el: Pointless to think about it because you will NEV: ER arrive early. 😀
Em: What if I can?
el: We’ll go kinky shopping 😉

A few hours later…

el: Did you leave?
Em: Ehm…
Em: I’m halfway ;-D
el: Are you kidding me?
Em: You don’t’ believe me! 😥
el: Hoping it’s true, you’ve earned a prize

Em: I have to be punctual more often!
el: Yes!
Em: You have to work on this motivational technique! ;-P

We had other pleasuring business to attend, so shopping has been postponed. If someone has ideas upon what should look hot on El feel free to say it.

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