Happy Birthday to Me!

In the past few days I went to Pisa with my boyfriend because I was on holiday. I asked my boss a week of holidays for a little rest and, of course, to celebrate my birthday. 

It was a pleasant week despite the weather…maybe I can even place some pictures of these days in Pisa ( where there isn’t my naked body ) 😀

Meanwhile, happy birthday to me! We arrived at 24!

I leave you with a photo taken in Pisa, although the city is not the center of the image! 😛 😀

5 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    Happy birthday to you!!! 24? I would have said 19 🙂
    and…are those “bracelets” your birthday present? I like them.
    Well, you should post some picture of Pisa, I’ve never been there and I would take the chance to see something throug this blog of yours…even if the pictures with your naked body are more attractive, to me. I don’t want to sound rude, but…well, that’s it 🙂 and from this perspective, I have to admit that I appreciate your trimmed bush!


    1. Elle Avatar

      Hi! Thank you for the birthday wishes, even if I answer you only one month and half later! ^-^`
      I really want to post some photos of Pisa but I’m so busy now that those photos are still in the memory card of the camera!!! (I have a new adventure at work and I’m so tired when I went home).
      By the way, you’re right, these “bracelets” are one of my birthday presents…I also received clips for nipples joined together by a small chain…I would also post photos of these as soon as possible!
      I hope to read you soon!


      1. jeormormont Avatar

        Don’t worry! the more you wait, the biggest is the pleasure, don’t you think? 🙂
        So, it has been a pleasure to come here to your blog today and find your reply 🙂
        So, good luck for your job! I know starting a new adventure, as you define it (by the way, I like this definition) it is always energy-consuming, it drains your energy phisically and mentally. But every adventure brings also emotion, personal and professional growth, and maybe a treasure chest at the end 🙂 I wish it will be like this for you!
        WOW, nipple clamps 🙂 not my favorite toy I must say, but I like them. And I like the idea to see some picture in the next week 😀
        I will come back soon….bye!!


  2. Luce Avatar

    Sì, Pisa è una bella città… ma tu la fai sfigurare! =)
    Tanti auguroni di buon compleanno! Anche se in ritardo…
    E buona fortuna per il rientro! xD sarà duro dopo un week end così… =P
    Bacioni e a presto, spero! =)

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    1. Elle Avatar

      Ciao, grazie mille per gli auguri. Scusami il ritardo nella risposta ma ho avuto un periodo intenso al lavoro tra corsi di formazione per la “nuova avventura” che prenderò in mano con una mia collega e la ristrutturazione del negozio dove lavoro…sto già sognando le prossime ferie! 😀
      Spero di avere qualche minuto di tranquillità per riprendere a postare qualcosa.
      Non perdere la speranza! Ahahhaha 😀


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