Fire in Cairo

Shifting crimson veil,

silken hips slide under my hand.

Swollen lips whisper my name,

and I yearn you take me in your arms…

And start to burn

Fire in Cairo – The Cure

3 responses to “Fire in Cairo”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    Hey! it’s been a long time! but I see you’re still in a perfect shape 🙂
    You should have seen my face when I opened again your blog today after days (weeks!) and I saw this picture: it is not the first time that I see a PICTURE OF YOU (got the quote? 😉 ) naked, but this is…well, shocking in a very pleasant way.
    btw, I love The Cure, the song you quoted is not among the most famous ones…nice choice!


    1. Elle Avatar

      Hey, welcome back!
      I thought you were tired of the blog … I have to admit that it’s quite repetitive. XD 😛
      However I also love The Cure, their was the first concert of my life! ^-^
      Why the photo shocked you? XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jeormormont Avatar

        Ok, maybe “shocked” is too much, but this picture is more…well, direct, than most of the other pictures. The focus is straight between your legs, open wide. Forgive my rudeness, but this picture seems like “hey, take a look at my pussy”. That, by the way, it’s really nice 🙂


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