Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate I decided to make some shots with the Leprechaun hat that I bought at an “Irish” fair here in my city.

To be honest, I’m not very happy about these photos, they didn’t come as I wanted and I had to retouch them much more than what I wanted (of course I have changed only the colors, I never thought about retouch my body…I’m not able to do that and I don’t see the utility to make me “perfect” if in real life I’m full of imperfections,)

However, I put here some photos even if they aren’t on focus only because I like them.

Forgive me for the bad quality of the photos…enjoy!

8 responses to “Saint Patrick’s Day”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    Seems like you enjoyed your St.Patrick Day!
    well, so did I! 🙂
    ps (1): nice combo shoes + stockings
    ps (2): f###ing hat! 😀


    1. Elle Avatar

      Haha, actually I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a few days earlier at a “Irish fair” here in my town.
      There I bought my fabulous hat that I carried around with pride all day XD
      Obviously I was not dressed like that on that day, I am much less feminine normally ^ _ ^

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  2. Luce Avatar

    Davvero belle queste foto! Complimenti =)
    Penso che siano molti quelli che vorrebbero festeggiare il prossimo San Patrizio con te!
    E mi ci metto in lista anche io… =D


    1. Elle Avatar

      Ahahaha, ti ringrazio e ti do il benvenuto! ^_^


      1. Luce Avatar

        Figurati 🙂
        Grazie del benvenuto :*

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  3. David Mei Avatar
    David Mei

    There is a certain quaintness in these shots. Reminiscent of the days of film. When you never new what you got or the affect of the light until the film was processed. And if the lab messed up you had interesting images.

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  4. David Mei Avatar
    David Mei

    Lovely leprechaun

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