Garter Belt ♥

I have a new passion: garter belt!

I think it fit well on my body and it make me feel a real woman and not a little girl…and of course it is sexy!

These are two photos of my New Year’s Eve (2014)…and even if I’m a little bit fat in this picture, i like them.

Enjoy 😉

P.S.: I’m working hard to have a fit body…maybe I’ll post some photos when the results of the exercises will be evident

2 responses to “Garter Belt ♥”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    Please, stop saying you’re fat. What I see in the second pictures, is a very nice bottom 🙂
    and, yes, garter belt is very sexy. Remember to wear it BEFORE putting your panties on, so that…well, I guess you know it 🙂


    1. Elle Avatar

      Thank you, unfortunately I have a bad relationship with my body … but I’m trying to improve it! 🙂
      I know that the panties must be worn after the garter belt…I must admit that the very first time I put a garter belt I made the mistake of putting the panties before 😀
      However if you see in the first picture I didn’t wear panties 😛 so, this time I wore it in the right way 😛


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