Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my birthday!

I’ve never been a woman with the fear of getting old…but I must admit that these days I often thought that in these last years the time has passed quickly…
I have almost a quarter of a century…I’m still young, I know, but I realize that my body, my desires and my thoughts are no longer those of when I was 18/19 years old.

Is the normal flow of time that will change us, I know that…but, I do not know how to explain, it made me think at those classic inner questions about  life and all those good intentions made in vain to give a positive change to our lives.
Oh dear! I’m already aged so much to begin as early as looking back to retrace my life? Ahahahah: D

I’m sorry, this time I will not publish naked photos … after all this blog wasn’t born only for that kind of photo but to talk and vent about everything, as you do with a secret diary!

So this time you have to enjoy some of my analogue photos! 😉 😛

Abbadia a Isola
Chiesa dei Santi Primo e Feliciano – Leggiuno
Monastero di Torba
Monastero di Torba
Parco Archeologico di Castelseprio
Parco Archeologico di Castelseprio

6 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. jeormormont Avatar

    “not only of naked pictures a man lives…” 🙂
    sorry for the blasphemous quote. Well, both are art. A well-made picture of a naked body, and marvellous examples of italian architecture. I really love the ones of Monastero di Torba.
    and…you have “almost” 1/4 of century? you’re still very young, young lady 🙂

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    1. jeormormont Avatar

      ps: oh my, I am so rude! I forgot…Happy Birthday!

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      1. Elle Avatar

        Ahahahah no problem, thanks a lot! 😀


    2. Elle Avatar

      Ahahaha thanks a lot, I really love analogue photos more than the digital ones…but film now are really expensive!
      The ones of Monastero di Torba and Castelseprio are made with a Lomo Camera…the photos aren’t well framed and even a little bit blurry because that kind of camera doesn’t have stabilizer and the viewfinder doesn’t pass through the lens (forgive me for the bad explanation)
      Yes, I’m not 25 years old, and unfortunately I am very very young…I’m 23. Although I must say that I personally don’t think I have a life like a “so young girl” 😀
      (Forgive me also for my really bad english!!)

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      1. jeormormont Avatar

        Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away for a short business trip!
        I’m not such an expert of analogue cameras (actually, I don’t know “Lomo”) but, just like you, I prefer analogue photography (that’s how I ended up on your blog, by the way…power of google!).
        My opinion is that with digital photos, you can do a lot with photo editing software. Ok, you to have a nice and pleasant result, you must be good in using this kind of software, but in this way you can have a good image also starting with a bad (or at least, not so good) shot. In that case I think we cannot say one is a good photographer, he could be a good photo-editor. You can consider this to be Art, as well, but is editing, not photography. On the other hand, when you use film, you must do it right, there and in that moment. You canno shoot undreds of “clicks”, because film is not “unlimited” as a flash memory could be; and you cannot work on the final result with all the chances you have with digital pictures. In a nutshell, I consider analogue photography more honest, if I could say so. 😉

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