Happy Valentine’s Day!

I remember the first time we met, in June…it was a rainy day.

I remember that I was sad, an empty girl, I was left a few days before from my ex…actually he was my Master. When we spoke for the first time I still was a slave… but this is another story.

I was saying…I was really sad and I decided to met him only beacause I know he was in my same conditions (he wasn’t a slave, he was left by his girlfirend too!!).
I remember that day I was really ugly, I didn’t care to impress him…

When he arrived we greeted with a kiss on a cheek and I wanted that gesture was the only time we’d touched. I missed my Master and I didn’t want that another man touching me… I almost wanted to keep me “pure” for him because I believed that it would serve to bring it back to me…silly girl!

Anyhow, our first date was at a bookstore. I loved that appointment because in hindsight we could not choose a better place.
We talked, we laughed and talked again walking through a book and another … until I remembered why I was sad …

He took my face in his hands, leaned his forehead against mine and we stood like that for a few moments without saying anything …
I thought that I would bother another man’s hands on me but I enjoyed the gesture from the beginning to the end.

Leaving the library we started walking close next to each other, because it was raining and we only had one umbrella.
We walked along the Navigli of Milan continuing to talk.

When he drove me home I was happy for the day, but also I was happy that the appointment was over because I was confused… but before I leave too much out of his car, he called me.
I walked over to his car window and he told me (more or less): “Do not ever say that you’re not beautiful!”.

I smiled…

We were face to face, and like a magnet our lips came beyond our control…and we kissed.
The best kiss in my life!

The days went by.
We went out together, we held hands, we hug, we kissed… but we weren’t a couple.

Day by day I forget a little my Master but I don’t knew if I desired this man near to me…he had the same age of my Master so I was afraid to fall in love of another man who would make me suffer.

So I started to go out with a third person, to make my Master jealous and try, in every way, to take Him away from my head…here in Italy we say “chiodo scaccia chiodo” (=”one pain drives out another”) and this is exactly what I tried to do….silly girl!! (for the second time).

I spent several months in limbo this out with the Genovese (the third) and with Him… slowly losing interest in the Master.

One day the Genovese decided to make “official” the fact that we went out together… so, thinking it was the right thing, I sent a message to Him explaining the situation.
I should be happy to have found someone who loved me…. but I was in tears, because I knew that my relationship with Him would have to change…

I remember it was a Sunday night, I remember I wrote to Him but he did not answer because he was out with friends …
I remember the calm and kindness when he answered to me after reading the message…I remember my sleepless night spent crying …

I remember that the next day, on Monday, I had to go to University, but that late afternoon I had no intention of attending that one lesson that I had … I was home alone and asked him to come to talk about how our relationship was going to end.

When I saw him it seemed quite nervous so I started to cry. He consoled me and, even though we were a little embarrassed, we kissed…

Finally we get to the essence of the question, why from that moment on we began to call that day “The Famous Monday”!

Well, that famous Monday after being comforted, I do not remember why we were in my room but I remember that he was there and something inside me could not resist: I approached, I sat astride on him, I hugged him and began to kiss him with passion and desire…

“Stop you, because I can not do that,” he said these words to me between a kiss and another, and for me it was THE sentence that dramatically changed completely my beliefs: I wanted him…him and no one else, I wanted him from that moment in every way… I wanted his body and wanted to have him next to me … I had no intention of stopping!

So we found ourselves lying down and naked (more or less), entwined … My pussy welcomed his cock in hot and humid embrace.

I remember his lips on my neck, his tongue on my breasts, ending up helping his fingers caressing my labia… hammering his tongue on my clit…

I remember his fingers pinching my nipples as clothespins … his hands clench my breasts.

… and then kneeling in front of him waiting for his warm and sweet nectar… all in my mouth …

The best sex of my life … so sweet and yet so “rude”…so prurient…

Sex: so underestimated, and yet as important as feelings.

I do not know if we’d be together now if we did not had sex that famous Monday … but definitely have sex with him has helped me to understand what choice I had to make.

The healthy and true sex: the missing ring for a good life together

I wrote this post only to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day remembering the day that changed my life!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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